Christmas pictures

We decided to take some pictures for our Christmas card this year. We got dressed up and headed to find the perfect spot. It was Dec 1st so I was worried it might be too cold and I wasn't sure how long Hadley would put up with it! Luckily it was 55 degrees and not windy! Some of the pictures Hadley has red cheeks and a red nose, he was a little cold. Here are some of my favorites:

I have a feeling all my posts are going to be about Hadley! :) He has changed our lives so much and everyday he does the cutest things and entertains us! Here are some pictures for his 3 month photos.Hadley is definitely our little peanut! At 3 months and 1 week he weighs 11lb 4oz. He still wears newborn diapers and newborn clothes! Someday he will grow out of them but for now we have a closet full of clothes that are way too big! :)

For Thanksgiving this year we went to Tyler's parents house. Tyler's whole family was there with all of his siblings and nieces and nephews. We helped make the Thanksgiving dinner and enjoyed some crazy WalMart shopping that night! Here is our Thanksgiving family picture :)
Here is Hadley with all of his cousins!


Hadley just had his first halloween! Even though he weighs 9lb 14 oz, we still could not find a costume small enough to fit him. So...we went to Build a Bear Workshop and found a Woody costume :) We also decided that he needed to have his picture in a pumpkin. He tolerated it surprisingly well! We sure love our little man!!

Hadley's awesome uncle Ben came over when Hadley was 4 days old and took some great pictures! Thanks Ben!!

I am new at this so bear with me :) Here is my first post! Hadley turned six weeks old yesterday. Every time he turns a week older I am reminded of the day he was born. I went into labor four weeks early and was completely shocked when my water broke at 5:30am! It was such a whirlwind and Hadley was born only 7 hours later! He was in a BIG hurry to get here. We joke that he wanted to beat his cousin, Natori, into the world. Natori was born the next day, only 19 hours later :) Here are some pictures of my little 5lb 9 oz sweet baby boy...Proud mommy and daddy!

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